How TempTag Works

1. The TempTag™ is a 1" square patch placed on the arm or neck

2. Antennas read body temperature and individual IDs

3. An alarm sounds if an abnormal temperature is noted



TempTag Applications

TempTag was created specifically for venues where large groups people work, congregate, cohabitate, travel or are otherwise in proximity​

TempTag System

 Integrated system to identify abnormal body temperature and contact trace.
TTS Reader
TTS Monitor
TTS System

The TempTag Advantage

Various technologies allow the measurement of body temperature. Most methods can't deal effectively with highly contagious diseases, such as Covid-19.  The TempTag™ System outperforms them all.

BioTag Team

Our senior team includes leading experts in the measurement of human psychological and physiological variables through sensors, electronics, communications, and software engineering including three with relevant Doctorate degrees.

Brian Anwari

Co-Founder of BioTags LLC
Chief Technology Officer

Ernest Bachrach

Co-Founder of BioTags LLC
Managing Partner

Afton Seeley

Senior Research Physiologist

Luis Diaz

Chief Engineer


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